Thursday, February 18, 2010

Matthew Henry- A Method for Prayer

MOST people know Matthew Henry by his excellent commentary on the whole Bible. However, Pastor Henry wrote another smaller, but very good little book on prayer called A Method for Prayer. The book just went on sale at Scripture Truth Book Company for $11.50.
Publisher's Description
True prayer comes from the heart, so why do we need a method? The great devotional commentator and pastor shows here that Christians benefit from discipline just as much as talking freely with God. You will discover the methods Jesus taught, look at styles of prayer, and see helpful examples. Duncan has incorporated some of Henry’s other work on prayer. Edited by Ligon Duncan.

Matthew Henry (1662-1714) is a beloved commentator, was a pastor of a church in Chester and was a prolific writer.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Imago Dei-Color Stage 6

I put a lot of paint on the canvas this go around! Some of it was even impasto and I am afraid I've made some parts look flat. I'm not sure you can call what I did glazing, but it seems to have worked. I need to darken the shadows more in order to bring depth.

The changes at this latter stage of a painting are so very subtle but they are equally as important for making it beautiful.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Al Mohler-The Disappearance of God

Al Mohler's book The Disappearance of God is for sale at Scripture Truth Book Company for $10.50.

Publishers Description:
Do you really know what spiritual lies you’re swallowing?

More faulty information about God swirls around us today than ever before. No wonder so many followers of Christ are unsure of what they believe in the face of the new spiritual openness attempting to alter unchanging truth. We need to know the truth to save ourselves from errors that will derail our faith.

As biblical scholar, author, and president of The Souther Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr Albert Mohler writes, ’’The entire structure of Christian truth is now under attack.’’ With wit and wisdom he tackles the most important aspects of these modern issues:

Is God changing His mind about sin?
Why is hell off limits for pastors?
What’s good or bad about the ’’dangerous’’ emergent movement?
Have Christians stopped seeing God as God?
Are churches pandering to their members to survive?

In the age-old battle to preserve the foundations of faith, it’s up to a new generation ton confront and disarm the contemporary shams and fight for the truth. Dr Mohler provides the scriptural answers to show you how.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Imago Dei-Color Stage 5

I've literally "warmed" it up a bit this go around. It some places it's overly "warm" or red, or orange, but that's great, because when I glaze a "cooler" color over top, it'll shine through from beneath. I love painting! (Indian Orange on arms and Cadmium Red Scarlett on checks, toe and fingertips.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Imago Dei-Color Stage 4

On the previous session I re-established shadows in order to perform this stage of "bringing in the light." I did this by glazing Naples Yellow onto areas of strongest light. I also glazed Alizirim Crimson onto black background.

I've been spending roughly an hour on each session on this painting. It looks a little strange at this point, but these preliminary steps are necessary for building luminosity. Going back and forth between building light and establishing shadows and glazing color in between is what oil painting is all about!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Imago Dei- Color Stage 3

I've redefined shadows on this stage. This was necessary in order to bring light in on the next go-around.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Imago Dei- Color Stage 2

I have glazed burnt sienna into shadowy areas and yellow ochre into lighter areas. On the next stage I hope to re-establish shadows; a simple but necessary procedure.

I'm amazed at light, and the behavior it has with objects! What I mean is I can glaze a "cooler" color onto a object and it makes it recede into the background. If I paint a "warmer" color, it will bring it into the foreground.

This is an amazing world we live in because it was created by an even more amazing God! We think His thoughts after Him!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charles Spurgeon-Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith

My wife and I often read Charles Spurgeon together for our evening devotions. We are always amazed at how Spurgeon puts deep, spiritual truths into very practical and beautiful language! I highly recommend this book!

This leather-soft, attractive, "cheque book" shaped devotional is on sale at Scripture Truth Book Company for $14.99.

From The Publisher
The writings of C.H. Spurgeon have long been classics for devotional and inspirational reading. Now the bestselling Cheque Book of the Bank of Faith, a collection of daily readings, is handsomely bound in tan and burgundy with the feel and texture of fine leather. Checkbook size makes it easy to tuck into briefcase or pocket, and each page contains one KJV Scripture text and devotional comments by Spurgeon. Gilt-edged pages, satin ribbon marker, top stitching details; 7" x 3.5". Cash in on the bountiful store of blessings when you withdraw daily from the Bank of Faith.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Imago Dei- Color Stage 1

I rubbed a sticky substance called Liquin over the entire canvas in a very thin layer with my index finger. I used a bristle brush made from the hair of a hog and rubbed vermillion red onto parts of the babies face, fingertips, and toes. I rubbed a mixture of vermillion red and raw sienna onto the adult arms and fingers. I blended Prussian blue into the dark background and then I smoothed all of it out with a dry red sable brush.

In this early stage, there is very little color. Luminosity builds with each successive layer, transitioning from from light to dark, and cool and warm colors.