Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Scientist by Coldplay

Just goes to prove even corporate rock can occassionly make good music, and the video is somewhat creative to boot!

One of my best friends died in a car crash in April of 2001, two weeks before he was to be married. Laura and I married the following month. He was not wearing his seat belt. I know, if he were here, he would like this song.

Rusty Frieze (yes, they spelled his name wrong!) He was in 9th grade in this picture. Rusty, we had some great times, didn't we? "It's such a shame for us to pa-art."


Zach said...

Chris that story is extraordinarily tragic. It's always tough, especially when it's that sudden and unexpected.

-Coldplay is one of best bands out there these days. Very creative indeed. Check out "Til Kingdom Come" and "Fix You" off their X&Y album.

d said...

Hey, I actually went to school with Rusty from elementary school onward. I found out about his death today, more than seven years later. He was such a nice, funny guy -- we were never really close friends, but I remember him as one of the most entertaining people I went to school with.

I'm so sorry to hear about this.

Chris said...

I'm curious...

Did Northside have 20 year reunion this year? Is that how you found out about Rusty?