Thursday, January 24, 2008

High Dive

This is a new painting of mine. High Dive 24"x30" (click on the picture to see a bigger view). The one on top is my rendition, and the original is the one below. It is a Norman Rockwell reproduction that originally appeared on the Saturday Evening Post back in 1947. It took me a week to finish.


Zach said...

WOW! Chris!

I always have really enjoyed your paintings. You most definitely have the gift!

Excellent reproduction! I've always like Rockwell. He was always able to capture so well the emotional expression in the faces he painted.

David said...

Nice! I'm rescinding my comment about your appreciation for cheezy 70's music!!

Milton Stanley said...

Wow. That's excellent work.

Tom Atkins said...

You did this in a week! I know how busy you are so I am impressed!