Monday, February 2, 2009

Golden Rose-Burnt Umber Stage 2

Oops! I discovered I had the picture turned the wrong way in my previous post. This is the right way; The sun shines down onto the flower.

I worked on details on this 2nd stage of burnt umber. This is only one color painted over top of the imprimatura, (which was an olive green color). What you see here will be covered by several more layers of paint. It may seem pointless, but I'm working out the problems early on. Actually, a painting like this is all about working out the problems until it looks like what I want it to look like.

The painting was not fully dry, so I had a bit of difficulty, making things look smooth where I wanted it to look smooth. It will have to dry thoroughly before I move onto the next phase.

I'm not happy with how dark I painted the shadow in the flower petals. It's a bit too contrasty for my liking. However, I believe I can fix it on the "dead layer" which will be the next phase. In the "dead layer," I'm supposed to get an effect like moonlight. We'll see.

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FireLight said...

Do you have a gallery of your work somewhere?