Tuesday, May 12, 2009

David Goff-Stage 2

I've heard this is what the Master's called, "putting in the apple."  Basically what I've done is glazed Vermillion Red onto areas where the cartilage is closest to the surface of the skin.  This usually includes, cheekbones, chins, lips, tip of nose, and ears.  Also, knuckles, elbows and palms of hands.  Take a look at your own palms, I bet they're red!  It looks weird, but it'll be covered in the next stage with a "flesh tone."  I've also glazed some blue into background sky and red over the yellow highlights.  It looks orange to me!  Also, I've tweaked the wrinkles in his shirt.  I'm perplexed because the shirt is literally accumulating a lot of dust.  Interesting....!

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Jennifer said...

This looks great, Chris!