Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Mario Brothers-Pinball Machine

After several weeks, I have finally completed my wife's, cousin's Super Mario Brothers-Pinball Machine. This was no easy task. The painting was fun, but getting an accurate drawing onto the cabinet was incredibly hard! Trust me, I was seeing Mario and his minions in my sleep! In essence, this was like painting five paintings in one: Two bottom sides, two top sides and the front of the cabinet. I basically painted one color at a time, working my way around, and around, and around. I had a jolly good time painting it and it provided me with challenges I solved which will help me in future projects. Usually, I'm focused on smaller pictures and the nature alone of the painting of this machine helped me think in terms of "big."

It was painted in oil, so it will take at least few weeks to dry. My wife wants it out of the family room before Christmas. heh heh!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT!

Rick said...

This, my friend, is ART. :)
By the way, I only recently noticed the link to your gallery of paintings. They are amazing. And I had no idea that you had no formal training!

Chris said...

Thanks Rick! Painting is a fun hobby. The internet is an amazing resource for learning that kind of thing.