Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hunger Games Book Review

I'm generally a fan of dystopic and post apocalyptic novels so I was intrigued when I heard of this story of a teenage girl living in a futuristic North America under tyrannical rule who gets put into a tight jam with difficult choices to make. But as soon as I finished the last page of The Hunger Games: Book 1 by Suzanne Collins, I immediately had to turn to William Morris' The well at the world's end, a tale in order to cleanse myself of such defilement! I admit however the action in the "arena" was quite intense and kept me glued to my Kindle. However,the whole "makeup" scenes with flames painted on her fingernails, and the kissing scenes with the "bread boy" etc. were just "icky!" (Maybe, I've just forgotten what it was like to be a teenager). There were several places I would consider "page turners" but by the end, I was ultimately disappointed. The characters were like cardboard cut-outs to me and I felt zero emotion for them. No, I cannot understand the popularity. Harry Potter, where are you when we need you? I think I'll wait for the movie in order to find out what happens, rather than read the next two volumes.

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