Saturday, March 12, 2011

Code of the Woosters-Book Review

"The snail is on the wing and the lark is on the thorn-" or is it the other way around? Hijinks and blackmail with Wooster, Jeeves and company!

In The Code of the Woosters, Bertie Wooster has been summoned by his Aunt Dahlia to Totleigh Towers, a country manner owned by a former judge. Wooster's task? Nab a cow-shaped creamer--from the judge! who already suspects Wooster of "foul play." Also, while at Totleigh Towers, Wooster attempts to mend several love spats between couples. Can he be the instrument of reconciliatory "love?" or will he end up in the "chokey" for the accusation of pinching a police officer's helmet? Will Jeeves save the day once again? Will Bertie be able to hold to the "Code of the Woosters?"

P.G. Wodehouse's books are so humorous, I feel like I have to read portions aloud to my wife! (Imagine me chasing her around the house, "but you've got to listen to this!) This book is very funny and man--the plot on this one is tight!

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