Friday, September 28, 2007

Bree Entrepreneurs

A delightful, cool breeze unexpectedly enters Bree and scatters about the Fall fragrances of the medieval town. Somewhere a bright young man,-full of ambition, shovels waste from his father's pig-pen. He dreams of an inside room with a seat which will one day replace the family outhouse. The daughter of the local blacksmith attempts to mend her shoe with glue made from ground horse hooves. "One of these days," she thinks to herself, "I'll make a super version of this! And I'll call it Fantastic Glue!" An older gentleman dreams of starting a business where one could buy almost anything, so long as it is made in a place called China. He thinks to himself, "I would call it, Wall, hold on..., I would call it Bree-Mart!"

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