Thursday, September 27, 2007

Super Glued to the Toilet

Maybe you have wanted to go down in history as the man who sued Home Depot because he went into a coma while being super-glued to a toilet seat,...but not me. I thought I'd include a picture of him, just so you could put a story with a face. Apparently, the man was in the restroom, got glued to the seat, called for help. The Home Depot employees thought it was funny and would not rush to his assistance. (I'm not sure if a paint-shaker is qualified to do such procedure).

Finally an ambulance came, dismantled the seat from the
toilet, with the gentleman still attached. He then went into a diabetic coma.

He has now recovered and is in the process of suing Home Depot.
Click here to get the full details.


David said...

Has blogging really come to this Chris?? : )

Chris said...

It's a crossroad of culture here at the Blog at Bree. Have you checked out my other two blogs?

Big John's Oil Lab


Silers Blog?

Let me know if you can't get there, I'll send you a link.

Welcome home David!

Dan B. said...

I sense a settlement coming on and it's likely VERY imminent--I read the other day how their lack of customer service (Home Depot in general) and other problems has sent their stock plummeting--a publicized court case only makes it worse.

David said...

I guess this ordeal won't show up in any new advertisements, eh?

I can just hear the line: "Stick around for awhile and shop."

Or, how about:

"Our commodes are so comfortable you won't want to get off."

Chris said...

How about...?

"...stuck inside Home Depot with the Wal-Mart blues again..."

Remember that Lionel Ritchie song..."Stuck on You" That might just make a good theme song too!