Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fat Boys with Stick 'Em

The Human Beat Box was brilliant!


Zach said...

This music was the coolest thing going when I was in 7th Grade. I was laughing all the way through this! I knew all of it!

My, oh my... how times change.

Jennifer Blugerman said...

Bleah! I felt like I should wipe my face off after watching this!

Zach, when I was in high school, Rap was just getting started and Grand Master Flash was the rage...

"Well, I'm Cow-boy
I'm the real McCoy
I'm Chocolate all over
Like an Almond Joy..."

Yeah, ok... I'm really dating myself now! The songs were so tame compared to the outrageous, filthy lyrics found in much of the Rap world now. I don't really care for rap, but wish that it could have remained an artistic expression and not a sounding board for vulgarity and violence.