Saturday, October 6, 2007

Gary Newman Cars

Just goes to show nerds can rock-n-roll too! I still believe this is one of the SCARIEST music videos of all time.

Turn it up!


Jennifer Blugerman said...

What a creepy little dude -- looks like Anthony Perkins in Psycho...hmmm: ("Here at the Bates, I can put on a dress, I can channel my Mom, I can kill all my guests, at Bates!" Catchy!)


Chris said...

I saw Gary Newman on a "Where Are They Now" show a few years back. He actually is quite normal. He has a wife and kids and flys airplanes.

Someone I find equally, if not more weird is Robert Smith of the Cure. Suprisingly enough he has a wife and kids too! (I must confess I like the Cure, but I rarely listen to them anymore because their music depresses me)