Monday, February 11, 2008

Freedom From Fear-Stage 4

I worked on the Freedom From Fear painting last night. I feel like a made a little progress on the faces of "mom" and "dad." Funny.., I feel like I kind of get to know a character when I paint them, sort of like getting to know a character in a story. I've got lots more work to do on the faces of the kids and lots to do on Dad's shirt and pants. But I'm happy. I'm making progress at least.


Zach said...

Looks good. I have to keep looking back to the original to see where you're at. I don't know how you figure out the stages??!!

Chris said...


What I mean by stages is "coats" of paint, or painting sessions. It's my goal to cover the entire canvas in paint in each session. However I don't usually accomplish this with big painting such as this one. I try to move from vague, in my early sesssions to more details as I progress. I also paint from thin to fat, which means in the early sessions I mix much more paint thinner with the paints and I gradually add more and more linseed oil as I progress through from session to session. This not only keeps the paint from cracking in years to come, but adds a rich/three dimensional look to the painting. It is a struggle for me to be disciplined to NOT go into details early on.