Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rembrandt-Self Portrait from 1669

I would very much like to learn to paint portraits like Rembrandt. The artist uses a technique called scumbling, (literally scratching off the paint after it dries) and another called glazing, (building up colors in thin layers) to create this luminous effect. I want to give it a try. Whaddya' think?


sophie said...

I think you could do it, no problem. I wish I could paint at all. You have a gift.

Zach said...

I agree. It's amazing how it looks as if there was a spotlight on his face.

Looks very difficult!

HeAintThroughWithMeYet said...


I always wanted a painting like that. And I know that you are the man for it!

So what you paint me one???

Love Andrea

Anonymous said...


Tom Atkins said...

Rembrandt has long been one of my favorite painters. Studying him by trying his techniques sounds like a good idea! (for those of you with talent that is, not the likes of me.)