Thursday, March 6, 2008

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

In case you have not heard, there seems to be an epidemic of bed bugs in America. Actually, I know of someone who has them right now, (I will not mention any names) and they are having an extremely hard time getting rid of them....

My friend tells me you will not see bed bugs during the day, they only come out at drink blood of course! The way you know you have them is if you find little drops of blood on your sheets. Some of them will actually crawl under your skin and lay eggs! The picture on the left is a model of how they operate.

So, don't let the bed bugs bite!


David said...

What an encouraging post! You're blog is like 91.9 - always uplifting, never boring, consistently entertaining!

: )

Zach said...

Who has these???

My advice:

Burn the mattress and possibly the box-spring. The hard floor has never looked better!

Chris said...


The live in the walls, (baseboards) and down in the cracks of those beautiful hardwood floors. As Hall and Oates sang. "They only come out at night..."

Jennifer Blugerman said...

OK. I don't think you should be allowed to post something like that without giving a "how to keep bedbugs out of your home" conclusion! I am totally grossed out now!! Bleah!!


Chris said...


Here is the conclusion to how to get rid of bed bugs...the answer?

You can't! They are there FOREVER! Death by way of bed bugs.

(see my next post for a more encouraging subject: painting with vegemite)

Anonymous said...

To anyone who reads this even though it is an old blog. It is total bull shit that bedbugs lay eggs under your skin!! Yes they are difficult to get rid of but not impossible. Getting the mattress and even bed frame out of the house asap isn't a bad idea. There is this stuff called cedar oil that kills them since most are immune to normal pesticides.