Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Freedom From Fear-Stage 10

More definition on:

Face of children,

Floral design on wallpaper, (can these patterns be bought at Lowes???)

Hands, (both mom and dad's). Notice the fingers!

Straightened man's pant's leg (see Stage 9). I debated whether to fix this or not, but decided to go ahead and do it. It would not have been noticable to the casual observer, but my obsessive personality could not leave it alone.


Dan B. said...

It's really coming together Chris. I'm guessing it's not long now until it's finished?

Chris said...


I'm in the "tweaking" process of this thing now, adding happy little details here and there. (Are you old enough to remember Bob Ross?) Look for an adjustable clip on the father's suspenders soon. Those little details make realism fascinating and it is what made Rockwell such a genuis. This is really the fun part of the painting for me.


Zach said...

Just noticed it said "Roanoke Times".

Great detail!

Dan B. said...

Dude, I LOVED Bob Ross. I'm not much of a painter/artist at all, but he really made it seem like it would be fun because it seemed like he was having fun while he painted.

Details are everything because when you pour yourself out like that, it really shows in the end.