Thursday, June 12, 2008

Honda Metropolitan Scooter- I Got One!

I put a down payment on of these little boogers today and I'm going to pick it up on Friday. I've got to drive all the way to Bassett to get it because everybody, everywhere is SOLD OUT! Will I look like a big goober riding it? Of course! Will I smile at getting 100 miles to the gallon? Uh-huh! Eat my dust, baby!


winchester said...

haha. sweet ride.
sorry I didnt respond. Ive been traveling.
Most of my stuff is digital. BUt i work with gauche, oil, and acrylic sometimes.
your stuff looks great!

Dan B. said...

So is it bigger than a moped with slightly more zip?

Our neighbor recently bought a motorcycle for similar reasons (gas mileage).

Jennifer said...

Way cool! Hope you have a good raincoat! haha! And remember, don't smile while riding -- bugs are really hard to get our of your teeth (not that I know anything about that)! Does it come with the super-hot Barney Fife side car? If so, maybe David and you can bike-pool! ;-)