Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silly Lilly- Drawing

Lilly on the Canvas
I have successfully transferred my drawing of "Silly Lilly" onto a primed canvas. I stretched the canvas myself and primed with four coats of acrylic gesso. I then laid down my first coat of oil, also known as the imprimatura using a mixture of yellow ochre and raw sienna. The drawing on the canvas has been transferred by charcoal from a picture I gridded out several nights ago.
It Was All Yellow
I have painted the imprimatura in a yellow color because I plan to paint the grisaille with purple tones. Because yellow and purple are complimentary colors I will be able to "find my way" easier as I paint from one layer to the next. The reason I'm painting the grisaille with purple tones is because "Silly Lilly is over 50% yellow! The purple underneath will make her zingy! Just wait, you'll see, actually you may not know what's going on, all you'll be able to tell is that the yellow will be uncannily, yellow.
Next Comes Gray
My next step will be to paint the grisaille. If you look at the black and white photo on the top right you can see I have already plotted out my most light (white) spots and I have also designated the mid-range value in green spots. This will come in handy when I begin to paint the grisaille. These spots will act as guides to help me determine the overall tonal value of the painting. This will need to done as accurately as possible prior to putting any color on "Silly Lilly." She's a happy girl is she not?

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