Sunday, March 15, 2009

Golden Rose-Finished!

"Golden Rose"
8"x10" Oil on Canvas

And here is the completed "Golden Rose."  Because the paint is still wet on this one, I had a hard time getting a good picture without getting a terrific glare.  

In this stage I performed something like an optical illusion I learned from the famous Dutch painter Vermeer.  I had some difficulty making the blue wall, (or whatever it is) behind the rose look realistic in the earlier stages.  I was afraid some may think it is supposed to be a sky.  So taking a cue from Vermeer, I "wrapped" the negative space by making some parts darker and some parts lighter thus creating a 3-D effect.  I even darkened the top left corner on the grey part of the wall.  This gives the appearance as if the rose is glowing.  

Also, although it looks a bit cheesy, I tried to paint some water drops on a couple of the leaves, (see if you can find them!).  This was my first attempt...I need to work on it!

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