Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mrs. Geraldine Lawson-Color Stage 5

I've "scumbled" lighter opaque colors this evening. This is the opposite of glazing where you apply transparent dark colors. Scumbling builds "form." The obvious change on this layer is the scumbled light on her face. But I've also scumbled light on the columns on the sides and on the highlights of her shirt.

I've also glazed some a very dark crimson/scarlet mixture onto the curtains. In my opinion, they're looking a lot better than what they did, and I'm not sure if I'll do a lot more to them, other than glazing a dark color into some of the shadows and highlights on the folds.

And I've repainted the chairs and hepefully, receded them into the distance a bit. Details, and more, more details...but I love it!

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