Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher

Ghostwriter: A Novel The protagonist, a writer of horror fiction with a bad case of writer's block, struggles with the recent death of his wife and a ghost who won't leave him alone. He's also haunted by flashbacks of his stories which seem real, but are they? One never knows... Many loose ends and thoroughly unsatisfying. Thrasher shows potential to be the next "Christian" Stephen King but he needs to work on the rough edges of his plot and try not so hard to be the next King or Koontz.

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Anonymous said...

Although not as good as his previous book "Isolation" I found "Ghoswriter" to be an intense and chilling read. I agree that some things in the book could have been resolved better, but over all this was a great story. Travis Thrasher continues to raise the bar for Christian fiction.

Marc Barber (