Sunday, August 29, 2010

Worshipers and Women

We're all religious in one sense: What I mean is we're all "worshipers." We are human beings who have the capacity to delight in, and enjoy things. The thing we delight in and and enjoy the most is what the Bible and Christians define as"worship." Some delight in money, fame, fortune, family, new car, dog, or cat, or whatever, they're enjoying something above all else and that's worship. Negatively put, John Calvin said our hearts are "idol factories." In a nutshell he means this, God created us all to be worshipers and yet as fallen human beings we attempt to find our satisfaction in any and everything else other than the one who can satisfy our greatest desire. Saint Augustine said, "our hearts are restless until they find their delight ultimately in the God who made us." (my paraphrase).

Secondly, any religion that delights and enjoys the practice of abusing and dishonoring women is despicable. Period.

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Emily said...

This too explains why almost every celebrity has struggled with alcohol, drugs, or plain old bad behavior. Just as humans are made to worship something, we are not made to be worshipped. It's when people are put on that highest level (i.e. celebrities) that they fall because God didn't design us, the creation, to be worshipped.