Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fanny, Be Tender With My Love

Okay. Laugh at me if you want to, but the Bee Gees were a great pop group! Yeah, they wore funny lookin' clothes and had weird hair cuts, but they were masters at crafting catchy tunes. I particularly like this song because it was somewhat transitional for them. It was before Saturday Night Fever and their intense disco era. They were moving from folk music into a much more soulful sound. The high falsetto vocals at the end are reminiscent of 70's soul groups like the Chi-lites. Can you dig it?


andrea said...

Hey Chris,

I love the Bee Gees too!!! THey were a great group and sadly two of them passed away. I used to "disco fever" too :o)

Well that was in my teenager years and I had ALL thier albums...UH HUH!!

Night fever night fever lalalalalala

KS Spencer said...

This may be the first blog post in history to have the
-Bee Gees
-Harry Potter
-and the word Byzantium

all on the same page.

Thanks Griff