Monday, May 12, 2008

Jumping Youngs-Grisaille Stage 8

I have brought the value/tone up all over and I have added more definition to their clothes and background. I have also softened features on faces and added details. I will soon start glazing colors and I think we'll see these fellows spring to life!


Jennifer Hambrick said...

Hey Chris...good to hear from you! I had no idea you were so artistically talented. Beautiful work.

Hope the family is good!

Chris said...

Hi Jennifer...great to hear from you too!

Thanks for the compliment on the painting. Keep watching, I'm going to add color to this real soon. It should change the look dramatically! (Hopefully for the best..)

The family is doing well. Lorien turns 5 next month. She's excited about that...of course!

See ya'

Zach said...

Wow! That's really starting to "pop" now. Very much alive.