Friday, May 30, 2008

Who Is It?

Who is the man in the picture?

Clue: I cropped the right side of the picture. If you could have seen what I cut out you would know exactly who this is. I'll post the entire picture next week. (sneaky..ain't I?)


Zach said...

Looks like cult-psychopath, David Koresh.


Zach said...

Second thought...maybe it's just the 80's style aviator glasses ;)

Dan B. said...

I'll guess--Steven Spielberg, and I'll even take a chance and say he's on the set of either Close Encounters of the Third Kind or the first Indy movie (thought I think it's the former).

David Blugerman said...

I'm going with a 70's rock star... the big glasses is a give away... someone associated with Elton John perhaps?