Friday, May 2, 2008

Timothy Keller- On Leadership in the Church

"Most churches make the mistake of selecting as leaders the confident, the competent, and the successful. But what you most need in a leader is someone who has been broken by the knowledge of his or her sin, and even greater knowledge of Jesus' costly grace. The number one leaders in every church ought to be the people who repent the most fully without excuses, because you don't need any now; the most easily without bitterness; the most publicly and the most joyfully. They know their standing isn't based on their performance." -Timothy Keller, Pastor-Redeemer Church NYC


Zach said...


Great Quote.

Very counter-cultural.

djchuang said...

I rarely ever see a church (or any organization) select a leader who is only broken and knowing of God's grace, only repentent, only not embittered, yet not confident, not competent, and not successful. So that'd be a misreading of the quote, perhaps, to think that one can lead without competence, without competence, without success, without performance.