Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christian Religion w/Out OnRamp of Reason

The Christian Faith is a fully-orbed faith. It encompasses the entire scope of creation. There is no such thing as an "uninterpreted fact." All facts are God's facts. So the entire realm of creation belongs to the Creator/Redeemer God. This would include all religion, science, politics, art, the future, etc.
I'm not opposed to reason and rationality given their proper place. The Christian Faith is the ONLY rational explanation for the world in which we live!
Some may accuse me of falling into the trap of circular reasoning and thereby accidentally stumbling into relativism. But this is nonsense! Everyone argues from a system of faith, whether they realize it or not.

The Christian Faith is a circle, in that its consistent with the world God created. There are no "on-ramps" of reason into the new Creation. The same Being who authored the Bible is the same Being who created the world and He is consistently true as regards to creation and His Word. What I mean is both natural revelation (creation) and divine revelation (the Bible) are infallible/inerrant. It is fallen man who "gets it wrong." He views the world through tainted glasses and those glasses are willfully cemented to his head! Because of the Fall and the corruption of the total man, mind/will/and emotion, he has become a bad interpreter of both natural and divine revelation. Indeed, it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to interpret these things correctly....

Calvinism is another term for a consistent Christian faith. The Bible teaches only the Holy Spirit can give new life and understanding. Jesus said, "unless you're born again you cannot see the Kingdom of God." It takes new eyes to see and only God can give those eyes through the wonderful working of the Holy Spirt! In other words: God saves sinners!
My Arminian brothers are "brothers" in the sense that we're fellow believers, but Calvinism is the only way to be a consistently biblical Christian. Arminian theology as well as Arminian apologetics is inconsistent, and lacks a full-orbed faith. It's either all of grace, or none!

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