Monday, October 12, 2009

Incest and All That Other "Icky" Stuff

If the Bible were like any other book, don't you think, down through history all that "icky" stuff like brothers and sisters marrying one another, killing Canannites, sleeping with maidservants, etc. would have been edited out? (Okay, God did tell the Israelites to kill the Canannites, but that's for another post!) Just because we find these sorts of things recorded on the pages of Scripture does not mean God condones those practices. In one sense, the very fact they are there proves the authenticity of the Bible!

I'm curious; rape and incest are wrong, but where does one derive such standards? Without hesitation, I would say those things are wrong because God's Word says they are. By what standard do you appeal? How do you know the scales you're standing on are accurate?

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