Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Law is Good News!

Most Evangelicals agree; Scripture teaches we are justified by grace, through faith in Christ alone. So what about after one believes the Gospel? No doubt, we want to keep believing what God did for us 2000 years ago in the person and work of Christ, and on this basis we are justified: past, present and future. But does one have to be obedient to the law in order to keep being saved? Is sanctification now up to us? How do we explain Christians who leave the faith?

Keeping the law, although not the basis of our justification, is not an option for Christians. We're justified by faith alone, yes. However the kind of faith that saves is also the kind of faith that loves God's law. The law itself is good news, the Gospel is law (it must be believed!).

God's law tells us how to be happy as God's people. Away with such sharp extra-biblical distinctions of Law & Gospel so prevalent amongst some Evangelicals today! God is kind to His people and gives them everything necessary to keep and maintain healthy relationship; that goes not only for our relationship with Him, but with one another as well. The giving of the law is gracious. God expects His covenant people to be obedient because He knows what is best for them. He saved His people from under the brutal yoke of Pharaoh and then gave them His law! He expected them to obey it and judged them when they did not! God's yoke is easy and His burden is light.

So no, I don't support works-righteousness in order to stay saved, I only agree with the Bible when it says "apostasy happens." How else to you explain passages such as Hebrew 6:4-8?