Monday, November 12, 2007

Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible is a great little Bible book for children. It has a wonderful message from a Reformed/Covenant theological perspective. Therefore it is Biblically sound! Sally Lloyd-Jones is a sensitive/thoughtful writer with a good balance of passion and creativity. The artwork by Jago is incredible!

Remember all the Old Testament Bible stories you heard as a child? They were great, but maybe you never made the connection of how they fit together with the coming of Jesus in the New Testament. This book does a tremendous job of showing how all those stories point to the incarnation of Christ as the Redeemer of His people. You can buy it over at Westminster Bookstore for $11.89. This is my favorite children's Bible storybook and I recommend it wholeheartedly!


Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

I came across your blog and wanted to stop and say Hi--and I'm so glad you like the book--thank you for this lovely review of the book. And for helping get the word out.

You may be interested to know of more reviews and interviews (radio and print) available on my site

My best

Chris said...

Thank you for the post Ms. LLoyd-Jones.

My four year old daughter postively loves the book! It is one of those books we can read, and read and read and never grow tired of it! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry of writing and we look forward to reading more things from you in the future.


Chris said...

BTW, you can get this for an even cheaper price at

Jago said...


I'm Jago, the illustrator, just wanted to say thanks for your comments about my artwork. Very much appreciated!

You can see more of my work at:


All the best