Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson

In the book Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson we learn husbandry is much like gardening. The Bible makes indicative statements like this, "the head of a wife is her husband." This statement does not tell a man what he ought to do, but it tells us what he is. He is the head. Now regardless if he acts like one or not, he is by way of a God-established covenant, the head.

The Bible also make imperative statements like this, "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her," This statement does not so much tell a man what he is as it tells a man how he is to act.

Wilson believes a lot of confusion could be cleared concerning how people interpret the Bible if they can begin to distinguish between imperatives and indicatives.

So in essence, if a man is married to a woman, he is to care for her, much like a gardener would care for a garden. He should make every effort to "weed" his garden. If he does not, the fruit will be choked. He is the husband of the garden and he cannot just be a nice guy and stand by idly while the weeds grow and say things like, "you're the garden, you know what is best." If he does make a statement like that, he is being dishonest. He is responsible for that garden because she has been entrusted into his care. He will give account for his tending of her.

He also should use caution and not trample rip-shod through his garden and damage the blossoming fruit. Only a careless gardener would act in such a way.

This a a great little book and I highly recommend it.

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