Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Northern Light-Color Stage 4

I've tried to re-establish shadows with a mixture of raw umber and cadmium red deep in order to get "warm" shadows. Next step will be to begin to add cool, northern light from that window onto her face!

Below is a rare, behind the scenes look into my "super-organized" studio/office. I've added arrows to identify points of interest. See list below to identify green letters and arrows in picture.

A. Painting by daughter
B. Transistor radio on shelf behind canvas, (playing rock and roll only!)
C. Paint rag, (I almost guarantee you I will sit on this)
D. Coffee Cup (half/caffeine. in the evening)
E. Paint thinner (perilously close to cup of coffee!!!)
F. Homemade paint palette
G. Computer monitor (I paint from this in the later stages...I can zoom like crazy!!)
H. Paint brushes (I only use sable brushes)
I. One of my first paintings I have hanging on the wall for inspiration.
J. Canvas on easel, upside down, (I paint this way often in order to exercise the right side of my brain)
K. Color wheel, and flammable materials on top shelf.

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Jennifer said...

Chris, this is so beautiful!!!! You are blessed with a true gift!