Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Northern Light-Color Stage 5

I've added the "magical" color of Naples Yellow. It gives the mysterious impression of sunlight shining on flesh. It has some very unusual properties. I could not paint a picture like this without it!

Red-Headed Girl...Not!
I've also continued to refine hair. It's a little too "red," but I can easily fix that with a glaze of a transparent "green." I'm really pleased with the results of her hair so far. I'm not sure "how" I did it, but it seems to have worked!

Switched Medium
As a medium I've switched from store-bought Liquin to a homemade medium. I make this by adding 2 parts turpentine, 2 parts Damar Varnish and 1 part linseed oil. I add a "fatter" medium, the closer I get to completion.


Jennifer said...

Amazing, Chris! I am continually imressed and delighted by your talent!

Chris said...

Thanks Jen! There'e still a lot more to do on this painting. I have a plan mapped out in my mind of how it will look when I'm done, but I'm also scared of messing it up too! Anyway, thanks for posting! I have almost as much fun blogging as I do painting...well, almost!