Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Northern Light-Color Stage 7

I scumbled opaque flesh colors over skin areas and opaque light blue over curtain. Darkened shadows in hair with Payne's Gray.

My next step, when this dries, is to scumble opaque light on the highlights of her face, and add details with a small brush. I progress by glazing on one stage, and scumbling on the next. The effect? Luminosity!


Jennifer said...

So pretty, Chris! Can't wait to see the finished product! What an heirloom!

Chris said...

Jen, her skin has an "orangey" look to it now, but hopefully that will change when I "scumble" cool light onto her face in highlighted areas.

What is scumbling? It is the opposite of glazing. With glazing you apply thin layers of dark/transparent paint over top of a lighter opaque color, (think of a stain-glass effect). With scumbling you apply thin/light, opaque colors over darker colors (think of viewing something threw a set of lace curtains....kind of like the what's going on in the picture!).