Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Cheep-Color Stage 1

I am a little nervous and excited each time I apply the first layer of color to a painting.  It changes the look so drastically.  

I bought a bit of Liquitex Slo-Dri Blending Gel at the arts and crafts store. I put a dab on my pallette, mixed the colors and added the paint to the gel.   I made sure my brush was good and wet with water and I dipped it into a tiny amount of paint.  I glazed it onto the surface, spreading it out evenly over the canvas.  The gel slowed down the drying time just enough so it did not dry too quickly.  It seems to have worked well.

Little Cheep looks a little pale at this stage, (that is exactly the way I intend for him to look right now) but he'll brighten up with each successive glaze of color. He's a noble beast...


Jennifer said...

Amazing transformation! Lovin' it!

Zach said...


Keep it up.

I have no idea how you do that.