Friday, April 3, 2009

Mystery Portrait-Color Stage 1

Don't get excited!  I'm not going Andy Worhal.  I have applied my first bit of color to this mystery gentleman.  I painted raw sienna onto his face and wiped out the highlights with a brush damped with turpentine.  I then smoothed it back out with a really soft sable brush.  I also glazed vermillion red onto his jacket and tie.  If you remember the underpainting had a greenish tint, (verdaccio), so when I glazed the complimentary ( or opposite color of the spectrum), it nutralized that green and turned it grey.  The dramatic yellow background will soon be covered.  I chose such a brilliant color because it's very reflective.  When light travels through those additional layers and bounces off the yellow, even the black areas will sparkle!  I'm hoping it will be ginchy!

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