Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Palette

I bought an inexpensive sheet of plywood at Lowe's hoping to paint a picture on it.  However when I primed it with gesso it curled up like a pig's tail!   I was able to salvage a scrap piece and make this handy little palette.  I designed it myself, cut it out with a jig-saw, and put about 10 coats of polyurethane on it.  It's ergonomic: I can hold several paint brushes in my hand and it fits quite well around my midriff.  After I had cut it out, I said to myself, "you know, it kind of looks like something...what is it?"  It's a guitar!   Rock on!...I mean, paint on!

Also, as you can see, I've got an arsonal of paint.  Actually, if you remember anything at all from elementary art class you'll know you can make everyone of those colors from the three primary colors:  Red, Yellow, and Blue.  But I'm lazy!


My Painting Studio said...


You'll have to put your polyurethane on BOTH sides of your palette to keep it from warping. And you'll need to apply those layers by alternating from one side to the other.

I learned this the hard way too.....

Chris said...

Oh yeah! I got both sides! I'm finding I don't like the feel of my palette knife on the's not smooth enough.