Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mystery Portrait-Verdaccio Stage 1

It's experiment time again.  This is not the Incredible Hulk. I've painted this underpainting with a green tint, (Verdaccio) because I read somewhere if you do this, it tends to help with a more realistic flesh color when the glazing begins.  This is a handy bit of knowledge when painting portraits.   My previous underpaintings, (also known as the dead layer), were more blueish grey, (grisaille... pronounced griz-aye).  My goal is to refine the underpainting to the level of photorealism before I begin to add color.

I've also included a couple pictures of my palette and work area.  Before I begin this painting, I pre-mixed 7 values ranging from light to dark.  My colors were, Ivory Black, Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre, Burt Umber and to get my white I mixed Titanium White with Flake white in equal measures.  I always have a cup of coffee and music going when I paint.  

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