Saturday, April 5, 2008

Grandpa Genoa-Stage 3

Where Am I Now?
This is the next step: The underpainting layer, or grasielle. I will go over it again with the black and white, and bring out more of the details in his shirt after this stage dries. After I get a VERY good underpainting and it drys (hard as a rock), I will begin to glaze the picture in very thin multiple layers of color.

What is Glazing?
The color gets mixed in stages rather than at once on the pallet. For instance normally to get green, you would squirt a little blue out of the tube and then a little yellow and mix them together on the pallet. When glazing, I will considerably thin down the paint with linseed oil and literally glaze over the picture where I can still see the painting below. I will allow this to dry thoroughly and then I will paint a thin layer of yellow over top of the dryed blue glaze.

Will Granpa Genoa be Green?
Of course not! It's a little more difficult than just getting green. I will be striving to get flesh colors on his face and khaki colors on his uniform. The glazing achieves a three dimensional effect that you cannot get by mixing the color on the pallet. This is the way the Masters did it. My aim is for photorealism.

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