Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grandpa Genoa-Stage 9

Grandpa Genoa is coming to a completion. Almost...
I glazed ultramarine blue and burnt umber into the shadows of his shirt and the I glazed Naples Yellow into the light parts. On his face, Cadmium Red Deep on cheeks, ultramarine blue on his forehead and more Zinc white on the light areas. I've found the zinc white to really bring out the transulence of his skin. I put a little burnt sienna on the shadow of his left cheek. I've painted more detail in the eyes. And of course with each application I'm vigoriously blending with a soft brush. I'm having difficulty knowing how to paint his teeth. My instinct says keep it simple.

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Susan said...

Hi Chris. I'm Susan Martin Spar and you invited me to check into your blog. I've checked back to see how your project is going. I admire your fortitude in exploring glaze work. It's not for the feint of heart. I just posted a quickie glazed painting (two sittings) on my daily painting blog and teaching blog. You're right about the teeth. Keep them simple. You might try just a tad of raw umber tinted with a bit of pink in a very light glaze to indicate some of the separation between teeth - but the less done, the better. Professional portrait painters don't have their clients pose with smiles - mainly because it's impossible to hold that expression for long periods of time and isn't natural. But photos are an ever increasing tool so it's good to learn how to paint them. You can subscribe to my teaching blog at in order to get more painting tips from time to time. You can also e-mail me at pinehillart at with any questions you may have. Substitute an @ for the "at". I spell it out in order to avoid phishers. Good luck to you in your endeavors. Susan