Friday, April 25, 2008

Who Is It?

I decided to do another "Who is it?" This one is a little more difficult than the other, but maybe you might know... Post your answers below.


Jennifer said...

This pic looks almost like one of the BeeGees!


Zach said...

You got me.


Chris said...

Jen: No, not a Bee Gee.

Zach: Nope, it is not Sonny Bono. "I got you babe.."

Jared said...

It is Chris McCandless. He was the person who the book/movie "Into The Wild" was written about- one of my favorite movies of last year. The soundtrack is outstanding.


Kathryn Campbell said...

No stumped always! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gordon Lightfoot?

Chris said...


Bingo, you hit the jackpot! It was Chris McCandless. I read the book about 7-8 years ago and just saw the movie. I thoroughly enjoyed both. Chris was a fascinating character.