Sunday, April 13, 2008

Grandpa Griffith-Stage 10

Learning Process
This painting was really a learning process. Not only was it the first canvas I built my self but it was also my first portrait and experimentation with glazing. I love it! I hope to begin to paint this way as it seems to suit my style. Stay tuned. I already have a new concept in mind for my next project.

My Granpa
Granpa Genoa went home to be with the Lord about four years ago. If he were alive today he would be 91 years old. Actually, he is more alive now than he's ever been. He's with Jesus, the giver of eternal life.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Fan-tastic!

Zach said...

Great job, Chris!!!

Keep it up man! I'm very interested to see your next project.

Chris said...


I actually worked some more on the Granpa Genoa painting last night. There were a few things that were not quite right. His eyebrow was a little too dark brown and he needed a tad bit more light on his forehead and cheek. Also I worked on his teeth and completely reworked his eyes. I also brought out more highlights on his shirt and toned down the shadows in some places. I also worked on his ear and I actually glazed over my name a little because I found it to be a little too dark/stark against the bright pocket. I truly have come to a stopping point now and I'll post the completed work tonight.

I completed this painting in just a little over a week. It's been fun.