Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Grandpa Genoa-Stage 11

I jumped the gun a little. After looking at the picture in full sunlight I noticed some things that needed work. So I went back to the easel and did a little "touch up." There were a few things that were not quite right. His eyebrow was a little too dark brown and he needed a tad bit more light on his forehead and cheek. Also I worked on his teeth and completely reworked his eyes. I also brought out more highlights on his shirt and toned down the shadows in some places. I worked on his ear and I actually glazed over my name a little because I found it to be a little too dark/stark against the bright pocket.

I truly have come to a stopping point....I hope.


Benoit Philippe said...

This is excellent. I like the light on the shirt and the lively expression you captured. Benoit

Catherine said...

Hello Chris, congratulations for this first portrait ! I hope that the glazing tips on my blog were useful.
I am sorry to not have replied earlier, I had a lot of work and not one minute free. But I can see that you didn't really need any help. For a first attempt, it is very well done !
Your use of complementary colors to mark light and shadows is very good.
Once again, congratulations !

My artblog :

Chris said...

Benoit- Thank you!

Catherine- Thank you! You are very kind. Yes, the tips on your blog are a great help in learning about glazing. It was blogs like yours that inspired me to post my own progress.